When I ran this course in 2012, I had no desire to revisit it!  However, in need of a half marathon to race in preparation for my March marathon, it seemed to be the only option within a reasonable travelling distance from home.  It also followed my running club's (Beverley AC) annual presentation evening, so I hadn't maybe prepared as best as one should with a few intoxicating beverages the night before!

It was a fairly windy morning, so not overly warm either, but we started out with the wind in our favour.  Miles 2-4 cross farm tracks, not the easiest surface to cross with mud and puddles, before joining the lanes north of RAF Cranwell, from where the race begins. Around mile 6, with a decent pace, we turned back south into a strong head wind with a gradual climb. (It seems we climb most the way from the mile 1 marker until mile 10!)  Despite the wind, I kept below 8 minute mile pace and as we turned out of the wind into mile 10 I picked up pace and ran my second fastest mile between 10 and 11 in 7:05 minutes (mile 2 being run in 6:55).  

Frustratingly as I hit the final mile, we had come back into a strong headwind and I seemed to have peaked a bit too soon with nothing to use to fit off the wind as we crossed the final mile (and I took over 8 minutes!) to finish in 1:37:30 (a minute slower than 2012, when I was on form).  But it had cleared the hangover!
Having finished the race in my finishers T-shirt
Around the 4 mile mark
Sleaford Half Marathon 2015


In the final mile, battling the strong head wind to the finish