This was the 5th club Duathlon and my best time was just over 1:05 hours in 2012 using my touring bike for the 2 miles run. 10 miles cycle, 2 miles run.  In 2013 I only ran as I teamed up with Olly Johnston (see Olly's 10K return) and missed 2014's due to the Gold Post Box cycle concluded that same day.

2015's turned out to be not too hot nor windy nor wet so good conditions.  The 2 mile run starts/ends at Skidby Mill and does a loop through Skidby village and back on a farm track/footpath with a brief but noticeable climb on the track.  We set off (27 entrants) and I found myself in the lead pack with runners I never usually run with.  Half a mile or so in I someone pushed myself to overtake the lead runner and, for what I believe is the first time since the 1,500 metres at school, was leading a race!  I went through open mile in 5:52 - an unprecedented first ever sub 6 minute mile on a road (regardless of undulation) and still leading.


Beverley AC Duathlon
Lucas approaching the line at the first transition - in the lead!


More remarkably was I maintained the lead up the hill and onto the footpath, where I had the upper hand as it's hard to overtake on the path due to width, but I also had two dogs to avoid being tripped by (I seemed to be a moving target!).  Through two gates back towards the transition point at the Mill and as we entered the final 50 metres, I was still leading, though aware of Pete Fielding Smith - a far better runner, on my shoulder.  I just legged it to the transition - to the surprise of everyone watching having never seen me lead before, to my surprise and, having now seen the picture, to the frustration of Pete and El (the girl slightly obscured) whom I outsprinted!

I knew the lead would end on the bikes as, although I was just about the first cyclists away, Pete is a far superior cyclist and several others are too.  However, my use of my road bike benefitted me, plus my current good fitness levels, and I knocked nearly 5 minutes of the 10.13 cycle time of 2012 to get round a far from easy route in just over 32 minutes.  I was overtaken by 7 in total, including Olly, and three of these I retook although they overtook me again.  

Into the final two mile run and I lost speed massively - by nearly 2 minutes, but still overtook two others to finish 6th overall, 3rd male and broke the hour - 59:32.  Chuffed to bits with my performance.

Pictures thanks to David Morrison

With Olly after the finish and his impressive cycle in which he was the fastest cycle time.

Nearing the top of the final hill on the cycling leg