Being one of the closest half marathons to home in Kingston upon Hull, it has taken me 8 attempts to be at home to  run it.  And this year only because they changed the date due to the Hull Marathon.  The race is on rural roads on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, based around the village of Lockington, near Beverley.

I set off to the race with one of the fellow 40-40-40 runners, Fiona Oakes.  Fiona is also running Hull Marathon so was on one of her latter long runs whilst it fitted nicely with my Chester Marathon training.  The race has a large number of club runners and Beverley had a good turn out in our yellow and blue tops.  At 10am we were off - with the temperature already into the mid twenties.  First error - my garmin was still in kilometres (despite thinking I'd changed it to miles).  I am not used to pacing my runs above 10Km in kilometres so spent much of the first couple of miles doing the maths of what pace I needed to aim for in kilometres rather than miles.   I was ok for the first three miles, but dropped off a bit from there.  We had had some shade helping up until this point.

Near 9 miles feeling the heat
Major Stone Half Marathon 2015


With members of Beverley AC after the finish at prize giving

By 5 miles I felt drained and a bit of head wind didn't help. (Nor did the temperature).  Half way at around 47 minutes wasn't great and I just seemed to carry on wilting.  At 8 miles I popped behind a hedge briefly and knew pace was slipping as fellow club runner, Sam Allen, passed me and I had nothing to make any gain on her. (I would not normally be behind Sam).  I didn't find any renewed energy or drive from here and jogged and walked the remaining 5 miles, frustrated at my lack of energy and feeling too warm.   The route concludes by running very near the finish at just over 10 miles, then sending you on a 3 mile loop that repeats most of the beginning of the route in the reverse direction.  

I sauntered over the finish line in 1:48:21, one of my slowest half marathon times.  Sam had done a PB!  (1:41:07), as did Fiona, who came in not far behind me in 1:50.., a brilliant 5 minutes faster than her previous best.   A third of our club, Lewis Holloway, also recorded a PB - proving the weather wasn't an excuse for my performance.  However, feeling an urge to pass out, once I made the village hall and had a cup of tea and four pieces of cake I suddenly felt massively better! It would seem my sugar levels were the issue!