Hornsea 1/3rd  Marathon - 3 April
Unable to run

Walkington Reverse Handicap 10K – 15 June
Unable to run as organised it as part of my role within the running club

Humber Bridge Half  Marathon - 26 June
Unable to run as on organsising team

Withernsea 5 - 3 July
Always an enjoyable race - having missed I for a few years, I travelled with friends, Pam and Olly.  My best 5 miles in a number of years with a time of 32:58 - a minute faster than targetted and earning me 8 points.  We also got fish & chips included in the entry fee!

Major Stone Half Marathon - 4 September
After struggling in this race in 2015, the weather was cooler with some drizzle and despite going there from a night shift I ran my fastest half in 4 years in 1:34:51.  However, this was slower than my target of 1:33:02. (The downside of some better runs earlier in the year)

South Dalton Reverse Handicap - 7 September
Unable to run as organised race as part of my role within the club

Haltemprice 10K - 30 October  
Opted out after running Snowdonia Marathon previous day

Guy Fawkes 10 - 6 November
Ran a better race than in 2008, when I last ran the course a week after Dublin Marathon, but still short of my target with a 76 minute finish.
Parkrun -East Park, Hull (5K) - 5 March
Unable to run
Melmerby 10K - 29 May
Bit ied up recovering from the Ultra Marathon London to Brighton!
Major Stone Half Marathon
September 2016
Beverley AC Handicap Series 2016
Beverley Athletics Club run what's called a handicap league for members. This is based on to 12 races of 10k, 10 miles, Half Marathon and some other distances. For each race run, we're allocated a "handicap" time. This is based on our previous 3 performances. According to the finishing time you have against your handicap time, you get points. The nearer your handicap, the more points! And if you beat your handicap time, even better! The person who beats their handicap time by the most is deemed the winner of the handicap race (as opposed to the race winner, who is the fastest runner over the distance!).  At the end of the year the person with the most points from their best six races, which most include 2 of 10K and 1 over 10K, wins the series.

As the year progresses I'll put an update on each of the races:
Withernsea 5 in July 2016
Ferriby 10 - 24 January

Unable to run due to a training course for Traffic Management
Burton Pidsea 10K - 17 April

My first of the year’s series and I beat my hanndicap by a small margin with a time of 42:59 agaoinst a target of 43:22.  Not my best 10K time but I’d not been running to fast of recent with the focus on aUltra Marathon raining. 6 points awarded though.