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After 2006's rather mad ten races, I was going to have a quieter year! Well, that was the plan anyhow! Yet, whilst I had one less "Official" run, I ran more than ten races, joined a running club and got a promotion which saw me move from Shropshire to East Yorkshire
One thing I had clearly stated was I would only support one charity. This was after three charities had asked to run for them. Flattered, I put it to the vote on the website and Christian Aid won the support of the website visitors
Looking for another reason to get support from everyone, I decided to go for three Marathons on three back to back weekends. Taking a place with Christian Aid in London meant I could join Brother Dave, who withdrew from running it in 2006. I agreed to run across Salisbury Plain two weeks afterwards in the Neolithic Marathon, with friend Chris Knight - who had been trying to get me to do the route for a coupe of years. The third Marathon slotted in between was Vienna. This all looked OK, until I got a long awaited promotion at work. Great - but they had me starting on the Tuesday after the London Marathon, As I was living in Shrewsbury and the job was in Beverley, East Yorkshire, it meant a very busy two weeks of travelling for work in between Marathons which weren't geographically close either!
The good news from moving meant I finally joined a running club - Beverley AC . Along with this, I signed up to two local races, the Humber Bridge Half Marathon and Walkington 10K (a village near Beverley). I also ran two unofficial races (i.e. ones I didn't include in my fundraising) in the Haltemprice 10K (west Kingston upon Hull) and Percy Pud 10K (near Sheffield). There are no official reports on these, but I broke my 10K personal best at the Percy Pud, meaning it stood at 42.39 at the end of 2007
The other major race highlight was getting seven of the family running in the Bath Half Marathon. We even got Dad to watch us run for the first time ever! (Though we never got any pictures we realised!!). I broke the 1:35 mark in that Half Marathon, and was delighted that the seven of us completed the course and raised funds for four different charities between us. Four of us used the Longleat 10K as a "warm up" (it was about 3C!) in the February and Dave and I also then ran the Bristol Half Marathon in the September.
The seven Meagor's before running in the Bath Half Marathon
To find out about how all the different runs went, click on the respective links below. You'll then find links to various items from the media coverage!

Longleat 10K                                                                       Bath Half Marathon

London Marathon                                                               Vienna Marathon

Neolithic Marathon                                                             Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Walkington 10K                                                                  Bristol Half Marathon

Oslo Marathon
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