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I also secured a place in the Great North Run - which I thought would be fun as it coincided with my birthday; and then thought I'd do the British 10K in London for a second year! This became the official line up for 2006, when my T-shirt was printed!

Next I realised I have an application to get a place in the Edinburgh Marathon. Having missed the guaranteed date, I contacted CLIC Sergeant and they offer me a place for a minimum £500 fundraising. This became the fourth charity, having pledged support to NCH The Children's Charity  (now known as and Action for Children) MRDF (Methodist Relief and Development Fund) before I'd guaranteed any running places!
With seven races booked, I started the fundraising - seven races becoming eight within a week when brother, Dave, said he was doing the Bristol Half Marathon so I thought - what the heck, I many as well join him! A few weeks later some info comes through regarding one of the races and includes an advert for the Cardiff Marathon. As I would be training for two half Marathon's in the autumn, why not do a Marathon just afterwards I think! Race Nine! It therefore seemed logical to do the four capitals in one go and I booked Belfast as the tenth race - realising that it could be a big mistake to run two Marathons in 8 days as it was the weekend after the London Marathon! I did, at least escape the Dublin Marathon when website visitors narrowly voted I don't run!
Amongst all this I had the brainwave idea of creating the website - and commissioned my brother the task of getting it up and running in the space of about four weeks! (not realising the challenge I'd set myself at the same time!). We didn't get it all quite done that fats, but I owe Pete a huge amount of thanks for his updating, creating and assistance in getting it all working! I had my T-shirt updated with the extra four dates and 2006 became nine months of running; one alcoholic drink in that nine months (Champagne at Rachel and Si's wedding for the toasts!); six personal bests and two course bests; £3,500 raised between the four charities; a TV appearance; four Radio interviews; 25 newspaper/magazine/website articles; a shout out on BBC radio One Dance Anthems and my name scrolled across BBC One's Live Great North Run Coverage and not too forget huge appreciation of all those who came and watched, prayed, sponsored me, text me good luck messages etc!
All ten medals from the 2006 races!
To find out about how all the different runs went,, click on the respective links below. You'll then find supporters row and further down links to various items from the media coverage!

Longleat 10K                                                                  Bath Half Marathon

Reading Half Marathon                                                London Marathon

Belfast Marathon                                                           Edinburgh Marathon

British 10K                                                                       Bristol Half Marathon

Great North Run                                                             Cardiff Marathon

Reports 2006
Media 2006
This was the year I went one step further! In fact several steps, as I covered no less than 170 official running miles, let alone the training!

It began by signing up to the Reading Half Marathon, which would be a warm up if I got into the London Marathon. My brother then suggested I do the Bath Half Marathon with him as a friend, Tricia, had asked if I'd run for the charity RICE, and therefore the Longleat 10K (in Wiltshire) as a warm up for that! I then got into the London Marathon through the ballot for the first time ever! We suddenly have four runs lined up for the spring.
Thanks to Rach and Si - supporters at the Bath Half Marathon
In London - David, Lesley, Mum, Pete, Joshua, Paul, Debbie, Sandra (Gary also but no picture!)
Maria in Bristol
Dave and Anthony in Bristol
Bristol Half Marathon - Daisy, Kelly, Nick, Jenni, James, Hayley, Andy, Jen and Sarah (who's missing)
Celebrating my 31st at the Great North Run - Gavin, Liz, Paul, Ange, Jag and Pete
The end of the year in Cardiff - Phil, Liz, Nic, Andrew, Jag, Sandra, Lowenna, Pete and
The heat of the British 10K - Paul, Ange, Sandra, Cameroon, Penny and Debbie
Up in Edinburgh - Paul, Sarah, Paul, Marek
Media Coverage 2006

Spring 2006 - RICE Newsletter                                                 
Thursday 16th March 2006 - Somerset Guardian
Saturday 18th March 2006 - Bath Chronicle & Somerset Standard    
Saturday 18th March 2006 - The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Newspapers
Thursday 23rd March 2006 - Methodist Recorder                         
Friday 24th March 2006 - The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo papers
Thursday 6th April 2006 - The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Newspapers
Thursday 6th April 2006 - Methodist Recorder                             
Saturday 8th April 2006 - Feature on BBC Gloucestershire website
Sunday 9th April 2006 - featured in Severn Sound FM (102.4) news bulletin at 1pm.
Thursday 20th April 2006 - The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Newspapers
Thursday 27th April 2006 - Methodist Recorder
Thursday 27th April 2006 - The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Newspapers
Friday 28th April 2006 – Featured on ITV Central News (South) 6pm programme
Saturday 29th April 2006 – Featured on BBC Radio Gloucestershire (104.7FM) afternoon show
Thursday 4th May 2006 - Tewkesbury News
Thursday 4th May 2006 - The Citizen & Gloucestershire Echo
Sunday 11th June 2006 - featured on Severn Sound FM news
Sunday 11th June 2006 - got a shout out on BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems! - Click here to listen
Monday 19th June 2006 - The Citizen
Thursday 10th August 2006 - Methodist Recorder
September 2006 - Bayston Hill's "The Villager"
12 September 2006 - BBC Shropshire
Wednesday 27 September - Shropshire Star
Thursday 28 September - Shrewsbury Chronicle
September 2006 - Featured on Great Run Website
Sunday 1 October - Had a message scroll across the TV during live BBC TV Coverage of the Great North Run! Thanks to whoever it was - please let me know!
Tuesday 10 October - Shropshire Star
Thursday 12 October - Shrewsbury Chronicle
Sunday 15th October - Mentioned on BBC Radio Shropshire, "Sunday Special Show" but interview never happened due to "technical problems"
November 2006 - Bayston Hill's "The Villager"
Thursday 9th November - Methodist Recorder
December 2006 - Bayston Hill's "The Villager"
March 2007 - DVLA "Licence" Magazine(article about 2006's events)
Supporters Gallery, in honour of their dedication in 2006!

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