Snake Lane 10 - 25 February

Given my time at Ferriby, I had to beat it given the relative flatness of the Snake Lane course.  Weather conditions were good, with just a gentle head wind so I was pleased to set out at a good pace and get through half way at 34 minutes.  I did lose a small amount of pace in the second half, but was delighted to break my 10 mile PB from the previous year knocking 32 seconds off to finish in 68:31 and get another 6 points.
Hornsea 1/3rd  Marathon - 1 April
I rather double handicapped myself for this race as I decided to give my London Marathon fancy dress a test run and went round as a cowboy, including a pair of jeans!  Despite this, I ran the first four miles in under 28 minutes!  However, it was also getting warm weather wise and the extra layers and weight started to notice.  Despite this I still completed the course in 63:58, only half a minute slower than in shorts and t-shirt 12 months earlier.  The irony being I was consistently bottom of the handicap results for the day as I was at the same race in 2011 – just 3 points!
Mucky Duck 8.5 miles - 27 May
Didn’t run as in Devon for Eurovision!

South Dalton Reverse Handicap 10K - 13 June
Unable to run as Organising it as part of my role within the running club

Harrogate 10K- 22 July
Unable to run as running the Frome Half Marathon

Askern 10 mile - 27 August
Unable to run as family event

Walkington Reverse Handicap - 5 September
Unable to run as Organising it as part of my role within the running club

Major Stone Half Marathon - 9 September
Unable to run as at Paralympics

Bridlington Half  Marathon - 21 October
Unable to run

Scarborough 10K - 28 October
Unable to run as running the Lausanne Marathon

Percy Pud 10K - 2 December
Despite having a number to run for the first time since 1990 didn’t start a pre entered race due to the ongoing hamstring injury (see Lausanne and Kielder Marathon reports)
EHH Summer League - Sproatley 6 Mile  - 1 May
Having run two marathons in a couple of weeks before this my form was a bit unpredictable.  More so than i realised as I pushed myself round the course, with other Beverley runners constantly my target.  This paid off as I caught one with about a mile to go and then, Kristian Davis, so I’ve never beat, and had overtaken at about 2 miles, came past me in the final stretches,  I was determined not to let him beat me and dug deep to out sprint him for the finish and come in at 39:33 - which would have been a PB over 10K and got my a first place in the club handicap, earning 9 points and progressing through to the second round of the cup at the same time.
Askern 10K - 16 May
A small mistake made in so far as I left my trainers in Swansea and only had my deck shoes to run in.  This wasn’t good for my PB target of 42 mins or less.  Despite this I started well and maintained good pace - aiming for 4:10 mins a kilometre. By 8km’s my feet were beginning to hurt as the deck shoes slammed the floor more and my small toes were clearly getting a battering.  Despite this self handicap I came through the finish in s staggering 1 minute 2 seconds faster than my PB in 41:09 - 9 handicap points! I was one of a large number of club PB’s and I’d also talked friend, Jack, into his first ever race - and he finished a commendable 45:39.
On route round the Hornsea 1/3rd Marathon training for my cowboy attempt in London
Beverley AC Handicap Series 2012
Beverley Athletics Club run what's called a handicap league for members. This is usually based on up to 14 races of 10k, 10 miles, Half Marathon and some other distances. For each race run, we're allocated a "handicap" time. This is based on our previous 3 performances. According to the finishing time you then have against your handicap time, you get points. The nearer your handicap, the more points! And if you beat your handicap time, even better! The person who beats their handicap time by the most is deemed the winner of the handicap race (as opposed to the race winner, who is the fastest runner over the distance!).  At the end of the year the person with the most points from their best six races, which most include 2 of 10K and 2 over 10K, wins the series. In 2011 I came second.

Finishing the Ferriby 10, picture thanks to Jacqui Dickinson
Ferriby 10 - 29 January

The first race of the year took us to the route starting at Skidby Mill, near Cottingham.  This ten mile course is undulating with a more uphill first half, often resulting in negative splits.  This reflected as I ran the second half about 2 minutes faster and surprised myself to break 70 minutes and finish in 69:46 and earn 8 points.