As part of 2012 I am going to try and run some newer races locally, to see if they may be worth consideration for the club.  Sleaford Half Marathon fell perfectly timing wise as I it fitted with my marathon training schedule.  Julie Donald, whom I often run longer runs with, also entered.

The race took place just out of Sleaford at a local RAF base, Cranwell.  It wasn’t the warmest of mornings and there was a strong headwind as we ran northbound from the base.  The route actually took in the best part of two miles off road on country track, which was also exposed to the wind and slowed pace noticeably.  The wind even caused me to think my contact lens was going to pop out!

Thankfully it didn’t and once we turned west at around 5.5 miles, it became an easier run, on tarmac road.  I maintained a good pace through to mile 10 and even after that was holding my own, but not enough to be able to break my PB, resulting in a finish of 1:36:31 – which was a pleasing time given the course and weather.  Julie did excellently coming 3rd in the ladies competition with a time of 1:38:38.

Not necessarily a course I’d wish to revisit, but always good to experience new races and routes.
With Julie after the race
Julie with her Ladies 3rd place trophy
Sleaford Half Marathon 2014