Snake Lane 10 - 23 February

Didn’t enter - just as well given I was completely out with a foot injury
Hornsea 1/3rd  Marathon - 7 April
Unable to run as at a civil partnership
Humber Bridge 10K - 9 June
This has been a PB course on three occasions and at halfway round looked to possibly break the mold once more as I passed half way in 20:03.  However, I had burn out on the first half, lost pace as I mis took the drink and backtracked at the drink stop and struggled all the way back.  Time of 43:10 was a disappointment if honest, but reflects my lack of good training this year.

Withernsea 5 - 7 July
Unable to run as at friend’s ordination
Walkington Reverse Handicap 10K – 7 August
Unable to run as organised it as part of my role within the running club
Escrick 10K- 18 August
Chose not to run – having not run many handicaps this year and needing to get Marathon and triathlon training in opted not to do the race.
South Dalton Reverse Handicap - 4 September
Unable to run as organised race as part of my role within the club
Bridlington Half  Marathon - 20 October
Unable to run as running York Marathon

Haltemprice 10K - 27 October
Unable to run - was working!

Deepdale Dash 10K- 3 November
Unable to run as taking my Mum to a concert
Parkrun -East park, Hull (5K) - 20 March
Unable to run - barely back from the foot injury but also away
Askern 10K - 15 May
(Also East Park 4 miles and Hull 10K)
24 hours earlier I had bust a gut in the 4 mile East Hull Summer League East Park run – 26:03.  This played a part in Askern, where I’d PB’d a year earlier in my deck shoes!  I was tired and the hamstring problem is far from right still.  Half way in I started to drop pace and knew any hopes of a PB were way out the water.  Fellow club runner, Graeme Pittaway, did keep me going the last 3kms but it wasn’t enough to even beat him – he had the upper hand on the final 500 metres as I came in at 43:19.

At the end of the same week I ran my third “fast” race – the Jane Tomlinson Hull 10K – which was in fact 9K approx due to a bridge failing to close and a re route.  37:17 wasn’t a bad time for about 5.4/5.5 miles, especially on the hangover from a Eurovison party the night before!
Beverley AC Handicap Series 2013
Beverley Athletics Club run what's called a handicap league for members. This is usually based on up to 14 races of 10k, 10 miles, Half Marathon and some other distances. For each race run, we're allocated a "handicap" time. This is based on our previous 3 performances. According to the finishing time you then have against your handicap time, you get points. The nearer your handicap, the more points! And if you beat your handicap time, even better! The person who beats their handicap time by the most is deemed the winner of the handicap race (as opposed to the race winner, who is the fastest runner over the distance!).  At the end of the year the person with the most points from their best six races, which most include 2 of 10K and 2 over 10K, wins the series. In 2011 I came second. In 2012 I didn’t run enough but won one of the actual races.

As the year progresses I'll put an update on each of the races:
Hull 10K that was 9K
Ferriby 10 - 27 January

Didn’t enter as still  rebuilding strength from injury
North Lincolnshire Half Marathon - 28 April
Finally I entered a nominated club handicap race for 2013 – one of the two long ones!  The North Lincolnshire course is a well organised race with a fast flat course.  However, a little unexciting for the first half as you run in very straight lines and this year a fair head wind form 4 to 7 miles.  Despite this I managed a good run considering it was one week from London and I’ve not been very fast this year and got round in 1:37:12.  I even thought I’d got to be the first Beverley AC runner having passed Paul Evans and Wayne in the last mile, only to find our fastest runner had taken part, James Pearson, who’d finished 3rd. But a good time and well done to Jackie Hardman for a great run also one week after London.  No chance for me in the handicap element of the race as I had not raced a short distance for so long.