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Supported Charity 2016

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At 35, Lua is studying for a PGCE in Primary school teaching at Roehampton University, London, living in Earlsfield (South West London). Lua took up running in 2010 after seeing a picture of himself at a friend’s birthday party whereby he thought "I need to change my life style and lose some weight."  From running 100 metres and walking 400 metres in the beginning, Lua has now run 10 marathons (this will be his third in Chester), with a PB of 5:14.  Lua got involved after seeing running inspiration, Rob Young, on the team.  Lua is supporting Alderhey Hospital as his girlfriend, Zara’s (also running), nephew has been a patient there since birth.  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/in_it_for_the_long_run

Lua Stifani

Neil, at 39, runs with Fitmums and Friends in Cottingham ,East Yorkshire. He has completed a number of marathons, including London and Liverpool this year with a PB of 3:05:40 -  He would therefore like to run a good for age time at Chester after missing out at London by 40 seconds. Since joining Fitmums 4 years, and starteing running Neil has lost around 5 stone!By day Neil works for the University of Hull running a halls of residence  and is a full time dad of 2 young children!


Neil Thompson

Civil Servant and Beverley resident  Fiona (or Fee) ran her first marathon having in Hull three weeks before Chester,  having turned 40 in June.  Fee had been due to run the Manchester Marathon in April but was hampered by a bad cycle accident which saw her get two large, deep lacerations in her legs.   Undeterred, she committed to raise funds for Cancer research and wants to finish the job she started (and raise at least £1,500).  Her amiden marathon was run in 4:00:35!  Fee met Lucas through Beverley AC and a shared sarcastic streak.  "It's my 1-40-40 to Lucas' 40-40-40".  You can support Fee at: www.justgiving.com/Fiona-Oakes (now closed)

Fiona Oakes

At 39, Ben is completing a year of challenge events and will run Chester just before he turns 40.  Another Beverley AC runner, Ben has been running for just over 4 years and completed his first marathon in 3:27 in York in 2014. By day Ben work's for Cisco as a "collaboration specialist" (in his word's - it's a lot to explain in detail!) and lives in Willerby, East Riding of Yorkshire.  His charity choice supports a friend of his son's - see and like https://www.facebook.com/fatboyslimmer for full details.


Ben Fairburn


40th birthday, 40th Marathon , 40 friends & family - 4 October 2015

On 4 October 2015 I ran  my 40th marathon with 40 friends and family to mark my 40th birthday at the Chester Marathon.  

The team was made up of first timers to those who hold world records in marathon running and would cover 20-71 years old.  A team of 40 started and finished the Marathon and a 41st runner completed the metric marathon as injuries prevented him running the full distance.

To read the full blog on how 40-40-40 came about and how the day went, click below.
Further down this page is each runner and a little bit about them and a link to their charity if they’ve an online donation page.   Each runner was featured in a 40 day countdown on the Lucaskeepsrunning Facebook page.

Withdrawn due to injury

Jo Cavill

A second Methodist Minister aged 45, Kerry is based in Chapel-en-le-Frith (see High Peak Methodist Church) Kerry has completed the London Marathon three times between 2009 and 2013, his fastest being 4.21.41.  Having met at a Methodist Conference, Kerry was on the day 25 support team for the Gold Post Box cycle and claims to be a sometime poet, tweeter and will be tweeting the marathon from @revtankard . Supporting Blyth House Hospice and a Mexican girl, Biani who is in remission from cancer but did lose here leg as an effect of it. She will need replacement prosthetic limbs over the years as she grows.

Kerry Tankard

"To old to be running her first marathon", Patsy still works for DVLA (where her and Lucas were "sparring partners") as an auditor, based in  Norwich.  She's completed 5 half marathons, the most recent being 5 years ago. Her PB for a half marathon is 2 hrs 10 mins.  Patsy has chosen Macmillan in memory of both her Mum and Dad, but especially for her Dad as he needed more care and the Macmillan nurses were a God send.  

Donate at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PatsyAnnHodgson

Patsy Hodgson

Lucas's ex work colleague as an Office Manager in DVLA,  41 year old Anne lives and works in Worcester as a proof reader. Fifteen years of running experience, this would have been her first marathon.  Hjowever, Anne has suffered some injury issues and finally had to withdraw from running and will join the support team.  Danny Walker has been drafted in to replace Anne’s entry.

Anne adds " I think it was probably away at a work do that I had had a few drinks and agreed to this!  I'd always said before I didn't want to do a full marathon.." www.justgiving.com/Anne-O-Connell

Anne O’Connell

At 37 and from Bristol, Chris works for the MoD (Ministry of Defence) as an  Inventory Manager (dealing mainly in rubber (To quote Chris!).  Despite a number of half marathons and 10K's and a few cross country races, this will be Chris's first (and probably last) marathon.  Chris has also cycled Land's End - John O'Groat's, West to East and the Gold Post Box Challenge with Lucas and will be canoeing across Scotland this summer.

Russel blames his wife (Jackie) for knowing Lucas.  A Dental technician living in Hornchurch, London, at 41, he has run 3 full marathons (London 2000, Edinburgh 2013 & Chelmsford 2014) with a PB of 4:02:55.  He has also completed 6 half marathons and 50+ parkruns (5k).  Russel also helped on the day 10 support team during the Gold Post Box cycle.


Russel Lowe

41 year old Simon is a Senior Reserves Manager on the Somerset Levels, living near Frome, Somerset.  He met Lucas when he started dating his now wife, Rachel (see below) and has since run a few marathons with Lucas (including Kielder in 2013) - his first one being London 2002. Simon is keen to beat his PB in Chester.  He will also be canoeing across Scotland with Lucas in the summer.   Donate at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RachelClarke14  (now closed)

Simon Clarke

A Methodist Minister from Shotton, Flintshire, 45 year old Robin first ran a marathon in 1998 in Chicago and Chester is also his 40th marathon.  His PB stands at 4:08:02 (Dublin 2008).  Robin and Lucas know each other from the MAYC Orchestra & Singers concert in Bristol in 1995 (so Robin recalls - Lucas was sorting the accommodation for 100+ people!) but properly met through the Methodist Conference.  www.justgiving.com/robinrunschester/

Robin Fox

Chris and Lucas schooled together from the age of 8.  Now living in Bradford on Avon and himself having just passed the 40 mark, Chris works as an Environmental Finance Manager.  Chris first ran a marathon in 2007 (the Neolithic Marathon over Salisbury Plain) and has a PB of 3:15 but hope's to beat that with Chester being billed as a good course for that chance. Chris is also supporting Macmillan as his Mum diagnosed with cancer last year and he has seen the work they do first hand and locally they work very closely with Dorothy House to provide hospice in a nearby village, Winsley. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/chrisandstevechester (Page closed)

Rachel and Lucas met in first year (6th year nowadays) at Writhlington Comprehensive School, Radstock.  At 39 and a Bath Spa University Administrative Assistant, Rachel's completed The Great North Run in 2004, but apart from that, in her own words "very little, until now!" As a first time marathon runner, Rachel has taken up off road running and really enjoying it.  Support Rachel at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RachelClarke14 (Now closed)

Rachel Clarke

Currently the eldest of the team at 71, retired Methodist Minister Neil met Lucas through the Bristol District of the Methodist Church in the late 1990's and was the President of the Methodist Conference when Lucas was the National Youth Chair in 2001. Neil has run at least 12 marathons, his fastest being 3 hrs 50 mins and have been not only London but also Leeds and Bristol twice each. Neil now lives near Ludlow, Herefordshire and is supporting Hands Together Ludlow. (Unable to run in the end)

Neil Richardson

Former member of Beverley AC, now living in Tullibody, Scotland at 51, Paul is now about to commence a college course hoping to then do a social degree as a mature student .  Paul ran Chester in 2013 for his 50th birthday and has completed 21 marathons to date, with a best time of 3:43 and one of them as part of an ironman in Austria in 2010.  


Business Analyst at Severn Trent Water, Wolverhampton, 38 year old James last ran a marathon in 1999 in London in  4.36. He has run a couple of half marathons last year, but usually doesn’t venture further than 10 miles. James and Lucas met as "youths" in the late 1990's on National Committee's within the Methodist Church.  

Donate at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JamesIsRunning

James Peterson

Nominated Charity

Matt works with Lucas at Leeds Arena and is currently a studying civil & structural engineering at Leeds University after 6 years in the armed forces. This will be his first marathon at 26 years old and whilst he's not run a long distance race before he has plenty of running experience from days in the armed forces.


Matt Masters

Married to Zoe Dale (above), 54 year old builder Steve has run 8 marathons, his first in London 2004 and most recent in 2010 with a PB of 3:19.  Steve and Zoe are the second husband and wife team to be in the 40-40-40

Steve Dale

34 year old Chris works as an equality officer with the Football Association and met Lucas through their involvement with the Gay Games bid for 2018.  Living in Holloway, north London, he has run 14 marathons (first was London 2003 and most recent in Barcelona in 2014) - his fastest being 3.19 .  Chris is supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)  given  the current refugee crisis.  www.justgiving.co.uk/GibboChester

Chris Gibbons

At 54, Mark is a phenomenally good runner, still breaking 3 hours in the marathon with a PB of 2:53 in 2012.  He has run thirteen marathons, the first twelve ll of which have been in London since 1993.   The 13th was in Hull three weeks before Chester.  A Health & Safety Consultant, by day, Mark runs with Lucas in his town of Beverley  and is keen to support Lucas sterling efforts!

Donate at: www.justgiving.com/Mark-Dalton50/

Mark Dalton

37 year old Jon is from Bury St Edmunds and is an environmental engineer.  Finally met Lucas with his is a friend of Emma Goldberg (above). He was unable to run his first marathon (Connemarathon) so had hoped to do so in Chester but injury has meant he’ll drop to the Metric Marathon instead.   6 years of running to date, Jon will aim for the marathon at a later date.

Jon Sidebotham

A fellow Beverley AC runner, 25 year old Edd is a Finance Administration Manager and lives in South Newbald, near Beverley. Edd ran his first marathon In Brighton in April in 3:54 and states he got involved "because Someone collared me and thought I should run it."  Edd has run his second marathon in Reykjavik, Iceland in 3:37 in August


Edd Lisney

A physiotherapist. At 52, Andy is originally fro Wakefield now lives in Beverley, knowing Lucas from the running club and his appalling taste in shorts! Andy’s first of 9 marathons  was in 1991 - the Humber Bridge Marathon. Since 2008 he’s done the remaining 9 - a pb of 3:58 (Berlin 2012) with The midnight Sun Marathon, Norway 2013 being his most amazing experience. Andy will be running for MIND after his brother's partner, Michael, died this year and was badly affected by depression at times.  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AndrewGrainger

Andy Grainger

Linda and Lucas were fellow Games Makers for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.  (They actually met via a Facebook group and in person at the 2015 Anniversary Games).  Linda was a first responder at the Basketball Arena and Olympic Stadium.  A community Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse, Linda lives in Chichester and has been running for over 18 years on and off, her first marathon being London 2001 with 3 more since and times around 5:20


Linda Hannah

Nick knows Lucas through brother, Chris (first runner above).  At 39, Nick will be running his first marathon before he turns 40 in November.  By day Nick is a porter in Frenchay hospital, Bristol (or Brizzle as Nick refers to it).  Nick has 7 half marathons with a best time of 1:32.  Nick 's chosen charities reflects the special place they have for him after helping him recover after a major head injury.

http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NicholasBritton  (Now closed)

Nick Britton

44 year old Zoë from Driffield has run 18 marathons between 2003 (London) and 2012, with her PB being 3:19.  A midwife by day, Zoe ran the first half of the (not quite) Hull marathon in 2012 with Lucas, both members at Beverley AC.  Zoë and husband, Steve, are supporting Allergy UK.

Zoë Dale

Wesley Bodman

Wesley, at 20 years old, is currently the youngest on the team.  Studying access to higher education, Wes lives just outside of Tewkesbury, in Gloucestershire, where he met Lucas through the Methodist Church.  Wes has never run an offical marathon, but has run the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge 4 times, the most recent in 2014 and a best time of just under 6 hours.  

www.virginmoneygiving.com/Wesleybodman1 (Now closed)

Neil is a Beverley AC member  running his 4th marathon in his 40th year at his home town of Hull making Chester his 5th Marathon. He has achieved a sub 3 hour marathon but has also 'hit the wall' and scraped under 4 hours. He is joining Lucas in raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support as part of the 40-40-40 team.  By day Neil work’s for Kcom.  


Neil Bant

Commcerial Accounts assistant, Alex lives in Cottingham, East Yorkshire and at 30, has run 3 marathons - Lisbon in 2011, Hull in 2012 (his PB at 3:20:15 although the course wasn't quite the full distance!) and London in 2013, training for all three with Lucas having met at the gym.  Alex ran his 4th marathon when the correctlly lengthed route was run around Hull.  


Alex Cleeland

Chris Britton

Chris Knight

49 year old John aka Syd is Lucas' eldest brother.  Having run three half marathons and one 10K, this will be his first marathon as the lone representative of Lucas' four siblings.  A Half marathon best of 1 hr 42 mins, John runs his own Landscape Gardening business just outside Midsomer Norton (Somerset).  John also supports Ipswich Town - the arch rivals of Lucas' team, Norwich City.

John ‘Syd’ Meagor

Paul Evans

Nancey ran her first half marathon in April in 1:55:51 and only took up running in 2014.  This will therefore be her first marathon and the first time she’ll have seen her cousin, Lucas, in 16 years!.  At 35, Nancey is  a professional dog groomer and thinks she must be mad but knows she’ll love it!  Support Nancey at www.virginmoneygiving.com/NanceyWalker

Nancey Walker

Brother of Chris Knight - at 48 this will be his third marathon.  Steve has just finished finished teaching after 24 years and has now become self employed and work with his wife, Lorna, who runs The Lorna Knight Sewing Academy. Steve will be taking on sewing machine sales and repairs and developing haberdashery sales.  Steve met Lucas when he was in 6th form with Lucas’ eldest brother John (also running).  Steve is also supporting Macmillan wfor the same reason as Chris.  

http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/chrisandstevechester (Now closed)

Steve Knight

Aka Marathonman At 32, Rob ran his first marathon the day after the 2014 London Marathon.  With an office job (9-5) he then proceeded to run a world record 370 marathons in 365 days by the 2015 London Marathon (where Lucas learnt of Rob), finally reached 420 marathons in as many days and within this broken the most Marathons on consecutive days record.  He has won the 3,100 mile 2015 Trans-Con Race , not long broken the Longest None-Stop run without sleep  at 373.75 miles and in between all this presented to 80+ schools in America and UK and more. (He has two children and found time to reply to Lucas!). Lucas has yet to meet him but saw him run past at the 2015 London Marathon. Irob will be running to the event with the Walk for peace torch and will be carrying it around Chester


Rob Young

Danny Walker

Danny joins the team as the new runner 40 after Anne gained an injury.  A PB from running London 2015 in 3:47, Danny is a Driver by day and, at 28, met Lucas through a one of his uni friends.


Maciej is known to most as Magic.  24 and from Bristol, where he is a chef.  Magic has yet to run a marathon, having thus far completed 10K and 15k alongside Tough Guy.  He is a friend of Lee Scott’s and yet to meet Lucas! www.justgiving.com/Maciej-Biernacki/

Maciej Biernacki

Joining the team on his 41st birthday, Lee is a sports therapist & Utility Warehouse distributor living in Bristol., where he met Lucas through his wife, Sarah, whom worked with Lucas.   Lee ran his first marathon in the Isle of Wight in 2001 (coming 12th) and did his PB in London in 2003 (3:01) - the last marathon he ran.  He has completed the London to Brighton Ultramarathon this year and is supporting the Alzheimer’s Society in memeory of his grandad.  www.justgiving.com/lee100k

Lee Scott

A secondary school drama teacher , 28 year old Zara moved from Chester to London three years ago. (But is Scottish) Zara has completed 5 marathons with a best time of 5:30 despite only taking running up 2.5 years ago.  (Plus over 40 other races!).  Zara's approach is, although she's slowly getting faster at running she feels it’s more important to help others cross the line- "never leave a man behind". Zara is dedicating Chester Marathon to Alderhey Hospital, in particular the Craniofacial Team, who have been supporting her 2 year old nephew through numerous life saving operations since birth. Zara is partner to Lua and got involved through Rob Young.  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/in_it_for_the_long_run

Zara Jaffrey


Sam Allen

Sam fits her running around a full time job, husband and two children. Since joining Beverley AC in 2008, where Sam and Lucas met, Sam has run 5 marathons in London and her 6th was in Hull three weeks before Chester. with a best time of 3:24:02 in 2014 .  Sam has recently broken her PB in a half Marathon - now 1:41:07.  Sam joined the running club when her youngest son started school.


Emma was introduced to Lucas via Kerry Tankard (they wrote poems together!). A Woodland Ecologist from Peterborough at 41.  Emma has completed three marathons to date - Venice, Edinburgh and Portland, USA with a PB of 4hr 13 and has most recently completed her second Ultra marathon (Keswick to Barrow, 40 miles) in 7h 43.

Donate at: www.virginmoneygiving.com/EmmaGoldberg

Emma Goldberg

Lindi, at 41, will be running her 6th marathon in Chester.  Her best time of 3:45:51 in Manchester this year gave her a good for age place at next year’s London Marathon.  Lindi is a Therapy Radiographer by day (annd will explain to anyone what that means if you ask).  Running Chester has saved Lindi from running Bristol-Bath Marathon as a 42nd birthday present to herself!  Lindi met Lucas through Fitmums & Friends (her club) as he agreed to compere their awards night.


Lindi Day

Adam Holland

At 32, Occupational Therapist Kate become a Mum 10 weeks before the marathon.  Despite Kate’s best hope’s, she has needed to withdraw but they hope to do another marathon at a future date.   

Kate Hack

At 28. Adam has broken a few records with running, the most recent being British distnace/time on a treadmill!Living in Newark upon Trent, Adam has joined the team through a mad running intertest linked with Rob Young.  He has completed 237marathon/ultra's with a PB of :37:00. He started running at school because of his friend but was normally the kid at the back . His first marathon was run with a half marathon the furthest run to date beforehand.  His motto: Many Miles = Many Smiles  https://www.justgiving.com/uktorchrelay

Dave joins the team  having signed up for the marathon independantly but bcomes runner 40 as Jon Sidebotham has dropped down to the Metric Marathon to manage an injury.  Dave, who turns 50 not long after the event, has run one marathon to date - Loch Ness in 2014 in 4:24 and hopes for a better time in Chester. A part time local governmenet accountant,  Dave met Lucas when Lucas was ta support driver for THOR.  Dave will visit Wales for the first time during the marathon.


Dave Sunman